We Bring New Screens to You

Imagine a single father whose main purpose in life was to raise a well functioning member of our society.  His daughter.  He’s signed her up and driven her to nearly every activity one can imagine.  From ballet, choir, flute, piano/keyboard, and foreign language classes to soccer, track, and other sports.  She’s participated in Math Olympiads and Science Fairs, was an Honors Student in Seattle Public Schools Advanced Learning Program through elementary and middle school.

As the little girl turned into a teenager, the father and the daughter started thinking about the next steps.  She’s already had basic working skills since he’s brought her into his office after hours to stuff envelopes and to perform other administrative functions and basic money management skills after a few finance lessons from her dad and an allowance with an automatic savings plan.

It was time to find something which would enable a teenager to earn money while balancing the all important social life every high-schooler deserves.  They decided to replace window screens!

Now, this father-daughter team comes to your house to replace ripped or broken screens in your windows and patio doors.  They offer straightforward pricing, honest service, and satisfaction guarantee with every project.